Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Amanda Ann/Slaggs Christmas Special

Welcome back to the Amanda Ann-cum-Slaggs Family Show. Yuletide is upon us once again.  2016 eh?  Where did that one go?

Bit of a more austere one, this year, what?  What with the old TV show being axed by Channel 4.  

A newer crowd they said.  I've got to fall back on bally touring.  The old income slashed in half and all that.  

I took charge of the Christmas presents this year.  Quite happy with my kiss-off present old Channel 4.  Anyone got a light?

Suspect old Marjorie won't be too pleased with her's.  She's already glowering and looking for the Gin!

Yup!  I was absolutely right!  She's gone and locked herself in the toilet.

Old Lavinia's not too pleased with her state-of-the-art hairdryer either.

Nit Boy none too thrilled either.  I'm really not very up to date with these toys!

However, finally someone seemed pleased with theirs:

However, Mary was too wrapped up in her new fiancee to really notice anything....

The Slaggs were not bothered either, and exchanged presents:

Mrs Slagg appreciated her 20 Kensitas, and Mr Slagg likewise his shag.

Her boyfriend sitting at the table eating quietly.

Despite love in the air, things seemed terribly grim.  So much so, I was tempted to end it all then and there!

But then....

Mary announced dinner was served, and Marjorie had come out of the bathroom.  

Maybe things weren't too bad after all.  

And touring's not so bad.  Bally nice groupies and all that....

Merry Christmas from the Amanda Ann's!  God Bless Everyone!  

See you soon......


  1. oh dear !!!

    i fell in love with your these little darlings.
    how stunning they look .
    loved Mary as she seems really caring and adorable .
    thank you so much for sharing the pleasure dear.

    1. Bless you. Thank you for watching. Yes, deep down Mary is a good person.

      Take care